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Celebrating the ladies who have had a complete transformation inside and out after working with MJ

Wardrobe Styling Testimonials

“I had never been fully happy or confident when wearing the outfits in my closet. Whenever I would go out with my friends, I would tend to just find outfits that I thought were somewhat good enough to wear out. When I would see my friends wearing certain outfits it definitely made me feel insecure because I felt that I wasn’t wearing cute enough clothes. I would hate taking pictures and would just have my friends take pictures without me. Typically my outfits were oversized and never fitted my frame because I was very insecure about my weight. And after having jaw surgery I was excited to finally shed off some pounds so that I could wear cute clothes that I felt comfortable in! Having gone through this experience I can say that after the help of MJ styling me, I can say in confidence that I do not feel insecure about the clothes I wear. I was definitely hesitant about buying clothes as I continued to lose weight, but MJ was able to help me find clothes that could be worn whether I lose weight or maintain my weight. She helped me find items that could be paired and mix-matched which I absolutely love! Throughout this journey with her styling tips, I feel confident in the clothes I am wearing. When I go out I take lots of pictures! I realize now that honestly, it doesn’t matter what weight you are. All you need is someone to point you in the right direction and push yourself to go out of your comfort zone. I am now wearing things that I don’t typically wear and I love it! I feel amazing and beautiful.”

~Marissa, 18

“I have always felt uncomfortable when it comes to wearing clothes. I always felt fat and very self-conscious about my weight. I didn’t think I would look good in anything. But MJ helped me find the confidence that I needed. She helped me find some clothes that made me feel comfortable and I was very happy. I have the confidence that i didn’t know that I had once we went shopping.”

~Ariel, 20

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