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Trend Analysis from 1990 to 2019


Chokers are a tight necklace that sits on the higher part of your neck and is a piece that adds a unique element to your outfit. They originated way back during the earliest times of civilizations in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt and they wore them in gold and lapis. They were known to be a protective piece and were decorated with flowers. The rock music during the 1990s influenced the recurrence of the trend as lots of rocker chicks and It girls adopted the trend again. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera brought it into the 2000s and wore dazzling versions of the choker in silver and gold.


Gladiator sandals are a long strappy sandal that goes all the way up to your knees if you want them to, or you can wear shorter versions of the style. The concept of the gladiator sandal originated from Ancient Rome between 1000-700 BCE. They were often worn by the gods and became a marker of status among the plebians. Calvin Kleins Spring/Summer collection in 2002 sparked the recurrence of this trend again. Other designers followed the creation of the trend throughout the decade and added on different colors, shades, and finishes to their designs. Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna adopted this trend and fans followed.


Puff sleeves are a fun trend that gives a cool look to a basic top. It's a fun addition to tops, blouses, and dresses and everyone should give this trend a try at some point. The puff sleeve came about during the Renaissance and its popularity emerged during the Edwardian Age of the 1900s. The trend emerged again in the mid-2010s and Heidi Slimane brought about new creations of the 1980s inspired puff sleeve. Celebrities started wearing it at the Met Gala and fans/followers had a positive reaction to the trend and started wearing it as well.

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