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Four trend forecasting websites that will keep you up to date this season

Trend forecasting websites are great resources if you'd like to be kept in the loop about the latest trends and styles. These websites provide you with facts and figures to represent the forecasting research that has been done for consumers.


WGSN is the world's #1 trend forecaster. They provide long-term consumer trends, early color, material, and style concepts and use data to create buyer's guides. WGSN provides trend reports that are 2-5 years in advance and trends are curated by their team three times a day. This keeps viewers consistently up to date with the latest and greatest. Topics on the site range from Materials and textiles to knitwear, womenswear, and footwear. WGSN has global specialists and trend-spotters in every category so that their information is accurate and actionable. The format of the presentation is online and very convenient to use.

2. Color Marketing

Color marketing is a company consisting of members who come together to interpret, create, forecast and select colors that will enhance manufactured goods. Trend forecasting professionals and people with manufacturing expertise are brought together on a regular basis. There are about 400-500 color professionals that attend color workshops over the course of the year. In November a summit is held companies present their yearly color forecast. Color Marketing informs viewers about emerging color trends for the year. They do this through their website. They display different palettes and give viewers a sense of direction about where these colors will be trending whether it be furniture, clothes, etc.

3. Trendstop

Trendstop is a trend forecasting company that tracks the trend lifecycle of certain styles and colors in retail. They identify emerging consumer trends and report them as a major trend 18-24 months later. Topics like luxury fashion, lifestyle, and fast fashion are constantly discussed and are displayed through their website. Trendstops trend reports are focused on what innovators, influencer and early adopters are already purchasing and how that trickles down to fast fashion and mainstream.

4. Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops services brands, retailers, and manufacturers in consumer-facing industries and empowers them to act on future trends. They provide early forecasting and visionary reports for the following 18-24 months. Culture influences trend reports and Fashion Snoops spot and track the cultural shifts that will shape consumer decisions. They discuss topics like trending colors, themes, key products, prints and patterns, materials, and design details. These forecasts are presented through their website.

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