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Your future self is begging you to take action

your future self is begging you to take action
Your future self is begging you to take action

I'm sitting on the bed in front of my closet.

I've taken out all my clothes and I'm just staring at them so confused on what to do, nothing fits!

I just don't know what to do. Things just don't fit me the way they used to.

So frustrating and painful, I want to be mad at myself, but at the same time I understand that my body has changed.

I just long to dress like the woman I am now and the woman I want to become.

There's always reasons not to.

“Oh, I'll wait till I get more money”, “I'll wait till I can afford it”, “oh I’ll wait till I lose weight.” But those are stupid reasons.

I deserve to feel good now. I deserve to feel amazing in my body right now.

I truly believe that when you can start loving who you are now, loving your body as it is now, you can show up for yourself better than ever.

You can love yourself better than ever, take care of yourself better than ever.

I choose to dress for the woman I am now. I choose to be the woman I desire now.

I'm done making excuses.

So I picked myself up, put on the outfit in my closet that made me feel most confident, and I walked out the door.

I told myself that it's time to go shopping.

When we sit around wearing sweat pants all day, t-shirts, baggy clothes, it does something to us without us even realizing because it creeps up on us slowly.

During quarantine I watched my confidence drop lower and lower and lower. Sweat pant after sweat pant, after sweat pant.

We just wanna feel good. We just wanna feel confident. We just wanna feel empowered and tap into our femininity.

But it's hard when our closet doesn't allow us to. So what do we do? Where do we go?

We have to look within ourselves and decide what we really want, and who we really are.

And once we know those things, then it's time to learn how to dress for the body we have.

Once we've learned that, it's time to go shopping.

So stop waiting, start moving, start taking action.

Your future confident, unstoppable self is begging you to start.


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