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Why I created the Glow-getters Program

why I created the Glow-getters Program
Why I Created the Glow-getters Program

I did a coffee/hot chocolate chat on zoom the other day with a friend. She asked me about the Glow-getters Program and what made me want to start the program. I didn't hesitate for one second when giving her my answer because I believe in my mission to the core.

I told her that I believe us women are a lot more insecure than we'd like to admit, so my goal is to create a space where women can feel free to openly talk about their insecurities all while gaining the tools to build confidence by working on self-acceptance, practicing self-love and upping your style game.

I believe that these are the tools necessary to become next level you and I've seen this through my own experiences. I went from having such low self-worth to feeling more confident than I ever thought possible because I took time and did the work. I did the work because I knew I deserved to look and feel like a QUEEN.

Now I wake up in the morning excited to get dressed in clothes that make me feel amazing. Now I love who I see in the mirror and have unwavering belief in her because I know her value. Because of this I'm growing and crushing goals like you wouldn't believe.

I'm going after my dreams because I know I have what it takes to make them happen. I've already created a life for myself that I love and you deserve a life that you love too.

If you're ready to head in this direction, join the Glow-getters Program and show up for this next version of you. You'll thank yourself later. The program application link is in my bio and on the services page!


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