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Trying to be perfect all the time is exhausting

trying to be perfect all the time is exhausting
Trying to be Perfect All the Time is Exhausting

It's exhausting because we're always constantly seeking approval from others by creating this image that we can do no wrong, that we have no flaws.

And even though we may create this idea in people's heads that we are perfect and that we have no faults or flaws or can do no wrong, there's still always going to be something missing because this comes from a place of insecurity within yourself.

Your problem is that you're not seeking your own approval. You're letting other people's view of you define how you look, act, and feel about yourself. But you're never going to be satisfied you're never going to find that satisfaction.

Something is always going to be missing. There's always going to be an empty space in your heart. You're always going to feel like there's a missing puzzle piece because you can't grow if you don't see yourself as having value on your own.

You're always going to try to measure up, be on top, and for what?

Only to find yourself burnt out tired, exhausted, and lathing yourself even more because all this comes from a place of lack within yourself.

If you're so sick and tired of acting like you're perfect and like you have it all together, and just want to feel free to just unapologetically be yourself, you should join the Glow-getters Program! This is exactly what we cover

If you want to be open, accept your flaws, accept yourself for who you are and really come to a deeper understanding of who you are to the core and get to a place where you truly truly love yourself and have unshakable confidence and unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities and your goals, your dreams, your value, your worth, join the program!

Stop trying to act like you have it all together. Just release that and be free and get to a place where you can truly accept yourself and not let anyone make you feel inferior.

Stop trying to act like you have it all together and come find true freedom in being your honest and true self, and become the lady who doesn't let anyone doubt her worth or question her abilities.

Stop trying to be perfect all the time and join me inside the glow Getters program. Link is in my bio and on the services page.


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