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The importance of investing in yourself

the importance of investing in yourself
The Importance of Investing in Yourself

I’ve had a fire burning in me for a long time. My burning desire was to start my own personal styling and confidence coaching business. I wanted to take action but I wasn’t sure how. I did my research and when I found the solution (a personal styling certification) I was all in.

Until I realized that investing in myself cost more than I anticipated, then I was just scared out of my mind! (feel familiar?) I took some time to think about everything, and once I did some reflecting I realized that I was more scared of staying in the same place in my life than I was of the cost of investing.

The idea of not moving forward with my goals and desires felt more scary than the price tag of the investment and that’s when everything clicked for me and I felt for sure that I was truly ready to invest in myself. I knew that investing in myself would set me up for success and I knew that my future self and would thank me for taking care of me.

So I invested in myself because I truly believed it was going to set me up for success in the future. I invested in myself because I truly believed that I had what it took to make my goals/dreams come true. So I invested $100 a month in myself and began to grow in my styling career. I learned new things and push myself out of my comfort zone.

Next, I made my first big investment in myself by working with a biz coach And this propelled my personal growth in my business forward. I push myself out of my comfort zone more than I ever thought possible and developed even more confidence in myself.

Each time I’ve invested myself because I truly believe in myself and my abilities and I have complete confidence in my goals and confidence in the fact that I will create the results that I want in my life.

Last month, I invested in myself big time (private biz coaching) and it scared the heck out of me. As a result, I believe in myself more than ever and keep showing up for myself 200% by taking action and doing everything I can to grow when it comes to my life, my relationships, and my business.

Each time I’ve invested it’s been more money and each time I’ve grown even more and seen even more results because I know I have potential.

I know it can be scary to invest, but this is how you commit to yourself. investing in yourself is the best way to create the life you want because it proves to you how committed you really are to accomplishing your goals.

You’re exchanging value for value that will transform your life. So whether you're dying to be more confident in yourself, have a burning desire to up your style game, you have to be willing to invest in yourself to make it happen because you deserve it.

Know your worth, and know that you’re worth the investment. Doing this allows you to finally prioritize yourself, your growth, and your own potential so that you can become the woman you desire to be.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, sign up to join the Glow-getters program. we work on self-development in style development so that you can feel confident about yourself from the inside out. Invest like I did and see results happen. Link in bio to apply and on the services page!


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