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Style can change your life too

You’re gonna be with you for the rest of your life, it can be a long lonely journey if you’re not in touch with yourself.

I spent a large portion of my life not knowing who I was and having zero confidence or belief in myself.

I figured fixing everything I hated about myself on the outside would finally make me love myself on the inside. Being a perfectionist, I knew it would be a long road to finding true contentment in who I was but I didn’t think there was any other option.

I was thinking such small thoughts. Feeling empty and useless and just wanting to be okay with who I was.

I took time to heal from my self-hate and got to know and accept myself. I did this by prioritizing myself more and focusing on the things that bring me joy. My head has never been so clear in my life because I don’t have negative thoughts about myself swarming my mind all hours of the day anymore! This only happened though because I wanted to change and nothing else was working.

Working with my coach has also helped me in so many ways! She helped me develop complete confidence and belief in myself and my goals so that I can go after what my heart is calling me to do!

I also developed my own style that aligns with who I am, my body type, and my goals. This helped me to have so much more confidence in myself/ my body so that I could start becoming the woman I dreamed of being. Putting on different clothes is just scratching the surface when it comes to changing your life.

True transformation happens when you want to change and then BECOME the change that you want to see. This takes inside and outside work.

When you work with me, we work on acceptance and belief in yourself, and then we create your signature style. Style gives you the confidence boost you need to start making things happen in your life for real! Whether it’s prioritizing more self-care, getting into a new relationship, going after a promotion at your job, or finally going after what you truly want in your life!

“You can life your life and stay the same, or you can change the game. Growth is where real success is found.”✨




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