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Style can change the game for you too!

“Style is the looking glass into your whole life”


I spent a large portion of my life having zero confidence or belief in myself. Living life in a straight line, even when I knew deep down who I wanted to become. I figured changing myself on the outside would make me happy. I thought going to the gym, eating less and losing weight would make me love myself. I was belittling myself constantly and I found myself not moving forward time and time again.

I kept falling short and I was sick of feeling worthless. When I hit that wall I realized I needed to make changes and for good this time because I didn’t want to find myself stuck in this lonely place again. I longed to feel good about myself and have the confidence to go after anything I wanted in life.

Last summer I started taking action. I healed from my self-hate and learned to accept and love myself even with my imperfections. I did this by getting to know myself and recognizing all that I had to offer this world.

I developed my style because I wanted to feel good about myself/body everyday when I got dressed. I also made sure my style reflected the woman I was trying to become. I did this by knowing who I was, what my potential was, knowing my goals and knowing what my body type was!

I invested in business coaching because I knew that my dream was to be a personal stylist. I wanted to show every woman that style is possible for everyone! Working with a coach is soooo necessary because they can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself and having guidance like this has changed my life in so many ways.

Fast forward to now and I have a business and life I love! 21 years old living in a beautiful apartment with the man I love and graduating as a fashion major in the spring to work in my business full-time and help women all over the world transform their lives too!

If you’re in a place where you’re

>Longing to create a better life for yourself

>Want the confidence to go after what you really want in life

>Willing to invest time and money to transform from the inside out and see real change in your life

I would love to help you! Feel free to reach out if you ever need style/confidence advice.👠


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