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Shopping tips for broke college students

shopping tips for broke college students

Being in college comes with enough challenges as it is minus the fact that we love to spend money shopping but we never seem to have enough! Wanna hear my tips and tricks on how to still be fashionable when you're a broke college kid? Well, here they are!


-You can get sooo much good stuff from thrift shops for very cheap. My freshman year of college I spent $150 on my entire school wardrobe for the year. Some of my best outfits were all because of the wonderful store known as Savers. Thrift shopping is so popular right now and it wouldn't make any sense not to thrift shop. The way people thrift shop these days is so advanced, people use apps like Poshmark, DePop, and Relovv as a way to sell their clothes and it's viewed as such a trendy thing.

2. Borrow clothes from friends

- You're always around friends, so why not swap stuff around if you can! If you're going out I can guarantee you're not always going to want to wear the same things so why not share?! When a bunch of you swap clothes you can keep mixing and matching different pieces and never run out of outfit ideas.

3. Some fast fashion is okay

- I am all for sustainability and helping the environment, but when you're in college and you don't have very much money to buy clothes something's gotta give. Fast fashion brands allow you to get item's for a cheaper price, and when you're a college student sometimes $10 shirts are all you can afford. You're also going to like a lot of the things that brands like H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo are selling because they are very on-trend and up to date on what's in. As long as you're trying to find the best quality items you can and you're not constantly shopping there and are putting other shopping options into mind, you should be okay. When you're in college it can be hard to invest in clothing especially when your style and your size is most likely going to change by the time you reach your 30's. But as for classic items like coats, jackets, bags, accessories, and sometimes jeans, those can definitely be investment pieces if you know you're going to keep them for a long time.

All in all, being in college isn't easy when you love to shop but have so little to spend, but that's why we improvise my friends, and we'll be glad we did later!

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