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Outfit ideas for when you have "nothing" to wear

I have nothing to wear

Don't you just love that feeling when you're walking out of the store, arms loaded with shopping bags, filled with lots of new clothes you just bought? You go to wear all of the new items you bought throughout the next few weeks and it's a great feeling. You look great and you feel great too! A few weeks have passed and you've already worn all of the new clothes you bought and it's time to pick out your clothes but you seem to have "nothing " to wear. You put together the pieces from the outfits you made last time, but you don't want to repeat outfits. Suddenly, those new clothes don't feel so new anymore. So you go out and buy more clothes again and the process repeats itself.

Here's the issue:

You want to wear your new clothes again, but you're not sure how to wear them again and create a new look. This is how you get into the bad habit of only figuring out one way to a certain piece of clothing, and once you've worn it the same way a few times you get bored. Just know that you don't need to clean out your closet and go shopping for new clothes again just because the clothes aren't new anymore and you're bored with them. The reason you're bored with them is because you're not sure how to restyle them.

For example, you have one denim jacket, and you wear it with the same pair of jeans. You like it, and it looks good so you keep wearing it. Unfortunately, over time you're going to get tired of wearing that same denim jacket with the same pair of jeans. You might just stop wearing both altogether because you don't know what else you could match with both of those things.

Good news! There's a solution to this madness, it involves finding new and exciting ways to wear things you already have, instead of running to the store and replacing all of your clothes when you think you have nothing to wear anymore.

You can bring new use to old clothing, here's how:

-Go for Google

-Type any one of the items you are trying to style into google and check out a few websites to see if some of the stores sell anything that looks similar to your item. When you find something similar, click on the images and see how it's been styled and that can give you some inspiration next time you're looking to wear that item.

-Use the clothing brands you're wearing as an outfit inspo resource

If your graphic tee is from Target, for example, go directly onto Target's website and search for that graphic tee and see what images come up on the site. Take a look at all of the different ways that the outfit has been styled, you may be surprised at all the outfit combos that come up and it'll give you better insight on how to style that graphic tee you love.

-Use Pinterest

If you're looking for a way to style your mom jeans, go right to Pinterest! Click on the search engine at the top of the page and search up "styling mom jeans", "mom jeans outfit ideas", "how to style mom jeans", or "outfit ideas for mom jeans." This will surely give you some of the answers you've been looking for and you'll have a new perspective when it comes to wearing those mom jeans.

-Make your own lookbook

Take pictures of your outfits every day and create a new album on your phone titled "Lookbook." Now whenever you look through your closet and don't know what to wear, you can refer back to your lookbook and see what outfits you've created in the past and see if you can make any new outfit combinations. You can make new combos by taking a look at an outfit and swapping out the different pieces that make up that one outfit and replacing them with other pieces from your closet.

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