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My top Fall accessories

best fall accessories to wear

Fall is here again! While Fall isn't exactly my favorite season of the year, I do enjoy all of the fashion and bundling up that comes with it. Just because it's getting cold outside, doesn't mean you have to throw on a sweater and boots and leave the house! You can jazz up a Fall outfit just as much as a Summer outfit and have it look just as amazing. So here are my favorite fall accessories to wear and how I incorporate each of them into my outfits.

-Black Boots

My first favorite would be my black low heel boots from Call It Spring. These are my go-to when the weather starts getting cold and I want to keep my feet extra warm. They are so cute and comfy and they go with literally everything!!! (Ignore the sticker on my sweater I was trying it on in the fitting room! Lol.)

boots to wear for fall


My second favorite accessory is my black studded belt. Why not take a sweater and tuck it into your jeans and top it with a belt? It's a simple but creative way to spruce up any outfit. I'm all for cute sweaters in the Fall, but a cute belt to go with, never hurt anyone.

belts to wear for fall

-Chunky Earrings

Earings are my favorite accessory. Necklaces come in as a close second but nothing beats a good pair of earrings. I can't even leave the house without wearing them because to me they're essential to an outfit. I feel naked without earrings, they are a must! They tie the whole look together if you ask me. I have ones that are all sorts of shapes and sizes but my favorite ones to wear during Fall are my big chunky ones with cool patterns on them. They look great with sweaters and jackets and they go with all of my necklaces. Pair them with a layered necklace and try an updo hairstyle. You'll thank me later.

earrings to wear for fall


By far my favorite shoe. They match with everything in my closet and I mean EVERYTHING. They are an awesome year-round shoe that can be worn during all seasons of the year. Some of my favorite things to wear with my Fila's are sweaters, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, and layered jackets. Fila's are vibrant chunky looking shoes that give every outfit a lil' something extra.

sneakers to wear for fall

-Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a great piece to add to each outfit because the color or design of the necklace can enhance the outfit and create a more put-together look overall. My favorite layered necklaces have charms, stones, and gems on them and they are full of color. My go-to necklace is my short gold layered necklace from Tilly's. It has a turquoise stone, a moon charm and a medallion charm on the different sections of the necklace. It's so simple, but it's unique in its own way and matches with so many of my outfits. This type of necklace looks great with sweaters.

necklaces to wear for fall

-Big Handbags

I only have one big handbag that I use, but it is so versatile that I can wear it with basically anything! A big handbag is an awesome choice when you need something that's gonna hold everything from your laptop to your makeup bag. Finding clothes that match the handbag you wanna wear is another annoying chore, so I would recommend getting one that's a nude color so that it can easily match with your outfits. This one is from Aldo.

bags to wear for fall

-Dangly Bracelets

I always have bracelets on. No matter the day, time, week, year, you name it, I always have one on. They're another must! They're easy to wear but can surely make a statement. My favorites are the two dangly ones you always see me wearing. They're both very similar because they have similar charms on them. One of them has light-colored gems, while the other one has dark-colored gems. Add these to any outfit to give it a new look.

bracelets to wear for fall

I hope you'll put together some amazing outfits using these accessories and boost your Fall wardrobe in more ways then you can imagine. Until next time!

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