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My first shopping trip in 2 months...

Shopping on a budget in college

This has been my first official shopping trip since I've decided to take on a more minimalist lifestyle when it comes to fashion. My plan was to spend about $200 total on everything that I will need for the summer. The goal is to continuously restyle my outfits from this point on and come up with new ways to wear them. I'm sure I'll have a few slip-ups during the summer as I am a recovering shopaholic, but I'm definitely going to try my best. Recreating outfits is a must for someone like me who hates wearing repeat outfits all the time.

Here are all of the places where I shopped while being on a budget and how it turned out for me:

I ended up spending about $220 on everything. My first stop was Nordstrom Rack. I ended up spending about $220 on everything. My first stop was Nordstrom Rack. To be completely honest I've never shopped for clothes there before, which is crazy to me since I love high-end fashion for less. It was such a great experience being there and seeing all that they had to offer. In total, I bought 4 tops, 1 skirt and 2 pairs of denim shorts in blue and black. You'd be amazed at how much some of these clothes were discounted for.

Nordstrom rack tops

-The yellow top is from the brand "love, fire" and I bought it for $9.97. As I'm sure most of you know, I love this shade and yellow and I'll probably never stop wearing it. I love the style and shape of the top too and the way it fits.

-The taupe top is from "Project Social" which is one of Urban Outfitters brands. I bought it for $9.97 as well and I'm really happy that I've decided to add some taupe to my closet. I plan to wear it with all sorts of outfits!

-The grey tank top is from "Abound" and I purchased it for $12.97. I've been looking for a cute top with this style of buttons but I couldn't seem to find one that I absolutely loved. When I tried this one on I knew it was the right one for me.

-And lastly, the blue top is from "Project Social" as well and I purchased it for $14.97. I'm really excited to add this shade of blue to my wardrobe and give my outfits a whole new look.

Nordstrom rack shorts and skirts

-The light wash denim skirt is from the brand "1. State", it was originally $89.00 and I bought it for $26.97! I don't think I've ever bought a skirt worth almost $100.

-The black ripped denim shorts are from "Topshop" and I bought them for $30.97. I've always wanted a pair of black ripped shorts (especially ones from Topshop) and now I'm really going to appreciate them because they've been on my wishlist for quite some time now. I can't wait to match them with my clothes!

-The blue denim cut off shorts are from "Topshop" as well and they were originally $60 and I purchased them for $18.58. Cut off shorts were on my wishlist as well so I'm excited to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

My next stop was Target. I can't remember the last time I shopped at Target for clothes but I saw some really cute clothes last time I was at the mall so I figured I'd give it a try. It was such a great experience being there and seeing all that they had to offer. In total, I bought 4 shirts, 1 skirt, and 1 dress. I found lots of great pieces that I can't wait to add to my wardrobe.

Tees from target

-The MTV shirt is from the company "Viacom" and is sold by Target. I purchased it for $12.99. Going into this, I did NOT have any graphic tees in my closet and I knew that it was time! I love this trend because of the many ways that you can wear these tees and not look plain. These are a great addition to my wardrobe.

-The ACDC t-shirt is licensed by a publishing company known as "Leidseplein Presse" and has been sold by Target. I don't think it's from a particular clothing brand as it only had "ACDC" labeled in the shirt. It was originally $14.99 but I bought it on clearance for $7.48. I just love the steals and deals!

-The tie-dye Polaroid tee is from the "Polaroid" company and has been sold by Target. I purchased it for $14.99. I haven't had tie-dye in my closet and ages, it was about time!

-And lastly, the beachy California vibes shirt is from "Grayson Threads" and it's sort of a cropped tee. I purchased it for $14.99 and I absolutely love it! I already have so many ideas about what I can match it with!

Stylish skirts

-This lovely dark wash denim skirt is from the brand "Wild Fable" and I'm actually in love with it and I can't believe I bought it for only $15! It's the lowest priced skirt I've ever gotten and it looks and feels like it will last a while too. This one is definitely a keeper!

Casual bodycon dresses

-This grey tank dress is from the brand "A New Day" and I purchased it for $22.99. I'm trying to get used to wearing more casual dresses but it's a work in progress. Typically, The only casual dresses I buy are t-shirt dresses and not ones that are hugging my body. Luckily this one is really comfortable and I love how it fits! I can do so many things with this dress, I'm ready to wear it right this second!

I did visit other stores like Saks off 5th, Marshall's, and T.J. Maxx but I didn't find anything that was really me. I'd still recommend that you check those stores out because I've found some amazing pieces from those stores in the past, just not during this shopping trip.

This shopping experience was truly life-changing because I've never shopped like this in my entire life! I absolutely love everything I bought and now I know I can create plenty of outfits for my capsule wardrobe!

Thank you so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post please share or leave a comment below!



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