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Insecurities are discontentment

insecurities are discontentment
Insecurities are Discontentment

You are so much more than your insecurity. There are wayy more good qualities about yourself than insecurities to talk about. It’s so crazy how 1 insecurity tends to have a bigger impact on us than 10 compliments. This happens because the root of insecurity is discontentment. If we were content with who we are and what we have, there would be no room for discontentment and insecurity because we’d be so busy with the gratitude that we feel for ourselves.

We can change our feelings of discontentment by thinking about what things we like about ourselves, it can be inner and outer things. When we are so consumed with what makes our spirits feel good, we want more of it, so we keep taking action to make that feeling continue. Each time we practice this we shift the way we feel about ourselves, then slowly but surely build up our wall of security/confidence.

We dive deep into this topic in the Glow-getters Program, so if your insecurities are eating you up and you just wanna feel free, sign up to work with me. I’d love to help you face your insecurities head-on and guide you on the road to self-love and confidence. Insecurities can destroy you or you can destroy them. Link in bio and on the services page to apply!


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