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How to style a summer jumpsuit for fall

It's amazing how a few pieces can completely change a look. With the maroon and tan patterns already printed into the fabric, this jumpsuit, in particular, can easily be transitioned into a fall outfit with the help of a few fall essentials Don't believe me? Read below and you'll see what I mean!

how to style a summer jumpsuit for fall
Styling a Summer Jumpsuit for Fall

  1. Denim Jacket: Throw on a denim jacket and immediately it will scream fall. Denim is an awesome fall piece because it still allows you to wear your favorite summer tops while staying warm and toasty! My denim jacket is from Shein and it is one of my fav jackets! You can never have too many denim jackets, which is why I have two...:)

  2. Booties: I think the epitome of fall is booties. In almost every fall-themed pic you'll see a pair of booties somewhere in the mix. These booties of mine are from Primark and they've stuck by my side for almost 4 years now!!

  3. Crossbody Bag: You can't go wrong with a brown crossbody, something about the color reminds me of the leaves changing. Get one with a tassel hanging from the side and you're good to go! My brown bag is from Old Navy and I could never part ways with it.

  4. Dangly Earrings: Back at it again with these wonderful boho earrings. Since the jumpsuit is so boho, how could you not pair these two things together??

Stay tuned for more Style How To's coming soon!

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