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How to put an outfit together in the morning

Times like these can seem so crazy because you're constantly moving and going place to place. From work to school to "adulting activities", there's no time to lose. Picking out an outfit for the day can add to the stress of the day and can feel very much like a time-waster in the morning. I don't like to pick out my clothes the night before because I wear my clothes based on how I'm feeling the moment when I go to put them on. So as someone who doesn't like to pick out clothes the night before, I've found some easy ways to put together amazing outfits in little to no time!

how to pick out an outfit in the morning

-First things first, make sure you have clothes in your closet that you love! Nothing is worse than going through your closet and feeling "meh" about everything you see. Maybe you don't love them because you thought you would love them when you were in the store buying them and you got bored shortly after, or maybe because it's seriously time for a wardrobe makeover.

-If you don't love your clothes, the next step would be to CLEAN YOUR CLOSET. Take everything out that you haven't worn in a while and really think about whether that piece is working for you. Do this with EVERYTHING in your closet and get rid of what you don't love.

-Pick pieces that are versatile a.k.a. pieces that you can wear with multiple items in your closet. The best way to do this is by taking a look at some of your favorite pieces and deciding how many outfits you can create with that one item. When you think of outfit combinations put the pieces together and try them on! If you love the look, take pictures of them and create a "lookbook" album on your phone to add them to. I would definitely suggest making a digital lookbook on your phone. It's super helpful and has been lifechanging for me!

-Remember that the base of every outfit is the basics! Those would be a top and bottoms, and the rest is up to you! After you have those two, pick a cardigan or a jacket and then pick a necklace and some rings or a bracelet and some earrings. These jewelry combinations are easy to put together and don't require too much time or effort. They'll make you look tasteful but not overdone. If you're not sure what shoes to wear, try finding ones that match the jacket or cardigan well. Those two items will bring the entire look together and make everything flow as a whole ensemble. If you're not sure what jewelry to wear or what will match with what, try picking a color from your outfit that you want to hone in on and add jewelry that will draw attention to or enhance that color you chose. The goal is to put everything together in a matter of minutes.

I hope these tips on how to put an outfit together will reduce some of your stress in the morning. The goal is to make getting dressed simple but keep you looking amazing!

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