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How to deal with negative body image through style

how to deal with negative body image

When it comes to going shopping and finding clothes, we often say things like “my thighs are too big” or “ my arms aren't small enough” and we say that we're either going to lose weight before we buy it or buy it and use it as motivation to lose weight. Here's the thing, we have to love and accept ourselves for who we are at this moment. If buying a cute top and jeans will make you feel better about yourself then don't wait until you've lost weight or look slimmer before you actually wear them, buy them now! If the size you want to wear doesn’t fit, don't buy a smaller or bigger size, buy your size. You deserve to feel beautiful no matter what size you are! Buy those clothes and try them on and see how you feel. You might be surprised at how good you feel when you put on those clothes that look great on you.

We try to ignore our insecurities and negative mindsets about ourselves by piling on more and more material things but it just won't work because we have to come to terms with who we are and our flaws and love ourselves where we're at because that's the only way we can truly heal and grow in confidence with ourselves. We continue to shop and spend money because we think buying more things they lay will make us feel better about ourselves but it won’t. It's only temporary.

If you have insecurities or “problem areas” it doesn't matter because we all have them and we should all love ourselves right now but we have to go through the steps to make it happen. We think “oh once I lose weight then I'll buy this.” We think we don't deserve to take care of the body we have now or deserve to treat it with respect. We want to change before we can buy clothes that make us feel good because we think we don't deserve them just yet. The key here is to change how we view ourselves from the inside, not the outside. It's a lack of acceptance and a lack of self-love that we have for ourselves. There's no mark on the scale that tells you that now you are worthy of love, you are worthy of love right now. Anytime, anywhere, any place. When you love yourself, you'll take better care of yourself and ultimately become a better and healthier version of yourself inside and out.

The reason it can be so difficult to develop our style and express ourselves through fashion is because we are unsatisfied with who we are and are constantly striving to be better or different.

A lot of times we let things like social media tell us how we should look or who we should be in order to be “ enough” in this world. As a result of this stigma we focus on the bad things about ourselves way more than the good, and most of the time we think that we’re never good enough which is not true at all. Accept yourself based on where you are in your life right now. The number on the scale can't give you happiness. Putting on clothes that look good and feel good can be an instant confidence booster and can even make you forget about problem areas. We all deal with negative body image, no matter our weight, height, size, or shape and it's totally okay.

We can't be perfect and we shouldn't expect ourselves to be.

The point is to love our current selves and use style to enhance the features we love about ourselves inside and out. And that's the key to confidence and self-love. When we love ourselves for who we are and wear clothes that make us feel amazing, we will continue to love ourselves and feel even more confident. Your body doesn't define you, you are worth so much more than that but we tend to forget about that important piece.

We all have so much to offer the world in the world deserves to see our light, but how do we let our light shine when we don't know it's in us?

The first thing that I suggest you do is think of what you like about yourself. It doesn't have to be physical at all. Maybe you have lots of compassion or maybe you're very hard-working, or maybe you love to make people happy by brightening their day. Think about those great qualities and how they make you feel. Ask yourself how you can express those amazing qualities about yourself through the clothes you wear. If you're compassionate, maybe you'd wear the color blue. It represents honesty, protection, and peace and those are all qualities similar to those who are compassionate. If you're hard-working, maybe you'd wear more dark tones like blacks navy blues and browns to give off that vibe of professionalism or sophistication. And if you're someone who likes to make people happy, then maybe you'd wear more bright and cheery tones like pinks, yellows, and bright greens to give off the energy of joy, and openness. All of these qualities can be represented in the clothes you wear, you just have to find the qualities within you.

It's important to talk to the people around you who love you and care about you. Ask them what they see in you that's so special and really think about it and try to connect to it. Ask yourself “could that be true?” and if you believe it's true then take some time to appreciate those beautiful qualities you have.

The way you wear your clothes can affect how you perceive yourself. If you aren't perceiving yourself accurately as the amazing person you are, then everyone around you won't perceive you as that person unless they get to know you. The insecure you isn't the real you, but the world is only going to see your insecurities and self-doubt if that is all you focus on when you get dressed. That's why it's important for us to wear clothes that truly express who we are as people so that the world will always see it in front of them. Never forget that you have a light inside that the world deserves to see. So shine bright beautiful!

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