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How to boost your confidence through fashion

how to boost your confidence through fashion

As someone who often struggles with confidence and body image, I've found that one of the best ways to boost my confidence and self-esteem is by pulling together outfits that emphasize my best qualities. This can be difficult sometimes because it makes you ask yourself "Well what are some of my best qualities?" but doing this can be really eye-opening and help you to realize that there are actually a lot of things that you like about yourself and that you are proud of. To me, the way you see yourself is often portrayed through what you wear. I think that style can definitely change your mindset when it comes to how you view yourself.

When you don't feel good about yourself, you don't present yourself in the best way you can, and you often wear clothes that make you feel "meh" and not confident about your body at all. But when you begin to think about some of your best features and use your clothes to emphasize those features, it begins to change how you look at yourself and makes you appreciate the beautiful things about yourself that you may not have otherwise noticed. I personally feel so much better about myself when I wear an outfit that makes me look and feel good about myself, it instantly makes my day better and boosts my mood. That's why I believe self-esteem and self-worth are demonstrated through your style and how you present yourself.

Make sure to look beyond style

It's always important to make sure you feel good on the inside and take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of you. I'm not saying that dressing better makes your problems go away or that you won't ever be insecure about your body, because everyone will always be insecure about something. What I am trying to say is that dressing your best can help you feel better about yourself but ultimately it's your job to make sure that you always make time for self-care and do the inside work necessary to view yourself in a more positive way and value yourself more.

If you wake up one morning and you don't feel particularly good about yourself, that doesn't mean that you have to dress bad. When you're in a bad headspace it's all the more reason to take care of yourself and not let yourself slip away. You can do this in a few different ways.

Here are some instant confidence boosters that you can treat yourself to on the daily:

1. Wear your favorite outfit

-Wear the one thing that you know is going to make you feel good about yourself, when you put on your best outfit you'll be too busy thinking about how great you look instead of focusing on whatever insecurity was bothering you. (Below is my favorite outfit!!)

how to boost your confidence through style

2. Put on some jewelry and make yourself stand out

-Whatever outfit it is you have on that day, throw some of your favorite jewelry on top and really bring that outfit together. You'll be catching peoples eyes and they'll be even more likely to compliment your wonderful outfit. And a compliment always feels good;)

how to boost your confidence with jewelry

3. Do your makeup

-I'm not a regular makeup wearer, but whenever I put it on it gives me the little extra confidence I needed and it makes me feel great!

Ultimately it's important to recognize how you value yourself, and when you are feeling discouraged or bothered by the way you look, it never hurts to do something fast to make you feel a little bit better. Fashion and style are a great way to get quick results and give you that confidence boost you were looking for. When you feel more confident in the way you look it makes you appreciate the beauty in you that has been there all along.

Always remember: You are beautiful, you are strong, you are smart, you are confident, and YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.

Never EVER let anyone tell you otherwise. <3

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