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How style has changed my life

Way back before I gained weight, I wasn’t taking care of myself on the outside because I didn’t care about my insides or how I was taking care of myself. I thought that as I looked good on the outside and people liked me, it didn’t matter how it affected me or made me feel on the inside. That’s how I lost myself. I saw myself as worthless. I only let outside factors validate my worth. Good behavior at home, good grades in school, approval from everyone I interacted with whether at school or work. I saw less and less value in myself until it showed through on the outside. I started gaining weight and hated how I looked. My clothes became too tight and nothing was “me” anymore. I had grown a lot while in school I was starting to get clear on what I wanted to do when I got out of school. But when I looked in the mirror I was so unhappy with how I was living life. Not taking care of my body, stuck at a job I hated, feeling like a fraud. As someone who’s a perfectionist, I’m VERY hard on myself to levels you wouldn’t believe, so the fact that I was thinking these things about my life made me feel even worse about myself. Suddenly everything on my body was a flaw. Not being able to rock crop tops anymore because I was too insecure to show my stomach. Not being able to button my jeans because I couldn’t get them past my thighs. I nit picked myself about everything and as a result it only got worse. I hated myself. I hated who I had become. It got to the point that I broke down every time I looked in the mirror. I didn’t wanna take pictures, I DEFINITELY didn’t wanna post on Instagram and have people see me like this. The only thing that saved me from giving up was my love of fashion.

My love for style helped me become the woman I am today. I’ve come a very long way, but style changed my life.

Now I take care of myself because I want to. I feel good about myself on the inside and I want to return the love back by taking care of the shell that holds me. I get dressed in clothes that make me feel like a goddess, I eat better. I sleep better than I have in my entire life but I have more things going on than ever before. I make time to relax and unwind and have me time. I do my favorite things like cooking and listening to podcasts and I do them often. I stay active because I want to and ONLY because I want to. I do what I want, simply because I want to. I say no when I mean no and say yes when I mean yes. I’m there for myself. No more inconveniencing myself because those boundaries are up. I truly understand what it means to know who you are and believe in yourself. It means showing up for yourself no matter what and cutting yourself some slack when you can’t be perfect. An unconditional love. I finally love me for me now and I don’t let anyone make me question it because I truly understand my worth now. I’m living my dream life because I finally go and let the light inside me shine for everyone to see. Now I’m changing lives and inspiring others and it brings my heart so much joy. I feel fulfilled for the first time in my life. I feel like I have purpose and that feeling blows my mind.

I can get you to this place too, but you sure that’s what you really want?

Are you ready to actually commit to yourself and follow through? You have to be sure of this if you want to take the next step in life.

If you know it’s time for this next level of you and your life, then your first plan of action is to apply to work with me. I can help you get there. The link to work with me is in my bio. There’s limited spots too so don’t hold out on yourself.


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