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How insecurity affects the way you dress

how insecurity affects the way you dress
How Insecurity Affects the Way you Dress

I was in a stage in my life where I loved fashion and knew I wanted to have a good style but I didn’t know how to style my clothes and dress for my body type. Once I did know how to style for my body type, I got to a point where my mind drama and insecurities were getting the best of me and I didn’t care about how I looked when I walked out the door.

I was trying to hide my body when I should’ve in fact been trying to love my body so I could feel better about myself. I would wear baggy, unflattering clothes and I felt even worse about myself. I got sick of feeling so bad about myself so I decided that I needed to take some time and really accepted myself and my body and dress in the way that would make me feel most confident.

Once I finally accepted myself and my body, I knew I had to change up my style and truly dress for the woman I was and the woman I was trying to become. So I took time to really focus on my best qualities and develop a style that truly emulated me (my character, my personality, my goals) all while having pieces that aligned with my preferences and my body type.

The transformation was unreal. I feel more like myself than ever when I look in the mirror and I wake up every day with a plethora of outfit ideas. If you wanna feel like this when you go to the closet every day and feel this confident when you walk out the door, join the Glow-getters Program and you’ll experience this and so much more. Get ready for the style and life of your dreams.☁️✨☁️

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