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Effortless style on a bad day

Everyone has those days where they wake up and don’t feel right. You get the feeling that this might not be a great day. I understand this feeling, and I know that the initial reaction is when it’s time to get dressed:

You just wanna throw on some clothes and get the day over with. BAD IDEA! Just because it may be a bad day doesn’t mean you can’t look good. A bad day is even more of a reason to put on a cute outfit. In fact, putting on a nice outfit can even make the day better! because it can really make you feel better.

how to look cute on a bad day

Girl, I get it. Some days are just bad days and there’s nothing we can do about it. But that’s one misconception you may have about bad days because there’s something you CAN do about it. Just because we feel like crap, doesn’t mean we have to dress like we feel like crap. I’m telling you, putting on your best outfit WILL make you feel better. When you look in the mirror you’ll see yourself and be like “Dang, I look good! Maybe this day won’t be so bad after all.” And hey, maybe it won’t! It’s all about trying here, because it’s better than doing nothing. If it doesn’t work out, then you do you and wear whatever fits your mood for the day, but trust me, this tip has worked WONDERS for me time and time again.

If you’re feeling really meh and you feel like you can’t even be bothered to put together an outfit, here are some super easy tips to transform a “comfy” outfit.

-Add an extra layer to whatever you’re wearing

This could mean just adding a jacket or a cardigan. This is something that has been a complete game-changer for me this year alone. Adding one extra element to your outfit can be so transformational. Throwing on one of these things gives your outfit a little something extra and it’s completely effortless! This allows you to wear something that’s comfortable AND makes you look good, and it took all but 30 more seconds in front of the mirror? You’re welcome.

-Add a piece of jewelry

Jewelry is my number one way of making an outfit look better. It’s easy to add to an outfit, but it instantly makes the outfit look 10 times better. It can be as simple as putting on a necklace, some earrings, a bracelet or rings. Or all three! Whatever you feel like! Jewelry is a great element to add to any outfit because it allows you to express yourself in a subtle and unique way. Some of my favorite places to get jewelry are Pandora and Cloie.

Here is a key thing to remember:

Looking good doesn’t have to take as much time as you think. It might take a couple of extra minutes each day, but it can truly make all the difference! When you take a little extra time to get dressed it can change everything for you. So do the best you can, because it’s better than nothing!

I hope these tips are helpful for you and that dressing your best will lift your spirits next time you’re having a bad day.

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