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Coming from a place of hate will never get you the results you want: Part 2

coming from a place of hate will never get you the results you want: Part 2
Coming from a Place of Hate will Never Get You the Results You Want: Part 2

There were so many times in my life where I wanted to look and feel a certain way about myself and I thought that I had to change things on the outside to help me feel good on the inside. For example, In school, I thought getting a 4.0 would make me feel good about myself.

All the sleepless nights, staying up late, working long hours, working two jobs, burning myself out like crazy would all be worth it if I got that 4.0. Just so I could tell people I got a 4.0. I got a 4.0 and I felt worse than I ever felt about myself. I was more burnt-out than I ever had been in my entire life and I felt empty. I felt unhappy, I felt unsatisfied. I kept looking for that outer source

to bring me satisfaction.

I thought being at my job and going above and beyond what was asked at all times, constantly being a yes woman, a people pleaser, letting people take advantage of me and walk all over me. I thought that would make them like me more and ultimately make me feel good about myself. Instead, it made me more angry at myself, more anxious, more disappointed in myself. It

made me feel even less good about myself, less confident. Made me have less belief in myself.

And again.

Outside sources made me feel unsatisfied on the inside.

What I realized was that I had to find contentment in myself and find satisfaction within myself and that can be found by really sitting down getting to know yourself and learning how to love yourself.

Learning how to be your own support and encouraging yourself, talking to yourself when things are difficult, talking yourself out of negative thoughts.

Being a friend to yourself, telling yourself how proud you are of yourself.

If it means looking in the mirror every day and telling yourself that you love yourself and that you're proud of yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel loved as a person, do it. If it means doing it every day to help you each day get to a place where you can accept yourself a little bit more, do it! Because you owe it to yourself.

Since doing all these things and working on myself on the inside. I'm in place now where I have really grown and created a life for myself that works for me. Sure, not every situation in my life is perfect or ideal, but I get to live my life on my own terms. In school I don't kill myself, sacrificing sleep just so I can get a good grade or so I thought.

Grades, don't Define you.

You define you.

My schedule doesn't revolve around school, school revolves around my schedule the best it can. I don't force myself to do things that I don't want to do. (Of course to a certain extent because I do need to graduate lol.)

This semester has been the most overwhelming semester in terms of my responsibilities but I feel more like myself than I ever have because I've prioritized my own care. I've prioritized myself first. I take care of myself first because I know that it'll help me to perform better in every other aspect of my life from my relationship, to my friendships, to my job and my education.

I've stopped being a people-pleaser, a yes woman. Pretending being to be someone who I'm not. I'm upfront and I'm me. And I don't hide it and I don't feel ashamed. I show the real me. I'm direct. I'm honest. I don't act like I'm not myself. I always keep it real and it feels so freeing.

I've ultimately learned that I don't need anyone's approval but my own. And I know that this is going to help me to be super successful in life in my own way. Because I'll chase any dreams I have because they're my dreams and I know that I have what it takes to accomplish them.

The moral of the story is that no outside source can truly fix how you feel about yourself. You have to sit down with yourself. Do the work, be there, show up for yourself. And do your best to become the person that you truly want to be. In the Glow-getters program, we work on everything you thought you knew about growth and loving yourself and facing insecurities, and feeling confident.

We work through everything you thought you knew about it. We rule out what's true and not true. We shift your mindset about how you truly can learn to love yourself accept yourself and take care of yourself and prioritize yourself. So that you can truly become the version of yourself that you've always wanted to become and have full confidence and unwavering belief in yourself like never before.

We set up a foundation for success for you in every aspect of your life. Because when you change yourself on the inside that’s when changes happen on the outside. If you've been searching desperately for the answer. Wondering why you're not seeing changes in your life happen. Why you feel like you're not growing, why you feel like you're staying suck in the same place, why you're not reaching “milestones” that you thought you'd be reaching by now.

If you're not reaching levels of your life that you've been longing to reach, you've been waiting to reach, you've been dying to reach. Join my program. We're going to get you to that next level.

So get ready.

The link is in my bio and on the services page to apply to my program!


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