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Coming from a place of hate will never get you the results you want: Part 1

coming from a place of hate will never get you the results you want
Coming from a Place of Hate will Never Get You the Results You Want

There were so many times in my life where I wanted to look and feel a certain way about myself and I thought that I had to change things on the outside to help me feel good on the inside. For example, I've tried all the detox teas, any of the ones you could think of, I've tried. 

I’ve bought the workout programs, watched YouTube videos about the quickest and fastest, and easiest way to see results. I’ve done all the diets, the powders, the vitamins, the pills. Anything you could really think of, I've tried.

I was in a place where I was looking for all of the answers outside of myself. I kept going and going and going, hoping and praying things would change and they never did. I'd get maybe a little bit of results, maybe lose a couple pounds, but I still wouldn't feel great about myself and I knew something was missing.

I for a while just was in agony like searching and searching for the answer until I finally realized I had to sit down with myself and really ask myself why I was feeling the way I was feeling. And by doing this it gave me so much clarity about myself, how I feel about myself.

I was empty. I was trying to fill the hole inside of me with outside things, but I came to the realization that I had to fill myself up on the inside. I had to fill up my own cup on the inside

so that I could come to a place where I could truly be content with who I am and accept myself and love myself for who I am.

And since working on that so many things have changed for me. I take better care of myself, I prioritize sleep, I create healthy boundaries in my life, I hype myself up finally! I’m my number one hype girl for once! I feel good about myself when I get dressed. I feel good about my body. I eat healthier. I take better care of myself. Self-care prioritizing is better than it's ever been in my entire life.

I used to go through life constantly going going going and I looked at self-love and self-care as a reward for accomplishing everything on the outside. I thought accomplishing things was going to get me to feel good about myself.

When I was really there for myself and loved myself that’s when I truly showed up for myself and made changes in my life and actually saw results.

I took care of myself, I learned about myself, I came to love myself as a person and love my body as a result. I was able to put on clothes that made me feel good about myself completely. When I was able to feel encouraged by myself and know my value and know my worth. Nothing anyone would say could get to me.

I don't let people's opinions of me dictate how I feel about myself anymore. I don't feel the need to compare myself to anyone else. I don't want what anyone else has because I love what I have.

When I was able to truly come from a place of love and genuine acceptance of myself and who I am and of my body all the hate went away and all the actions that I was taking weren’t coming from a place of heartlessness Now when I do things for myself I do them with complete heart and passion because I know I deserve the best and I deserve to treat myself the best way I possibly can.

Because that's what's going to help get me what I want in life. That's going to help me believe in myself and accomplish all the goals I have and make the dreams I have come true. That's going to help me to constantly take care of myself so I can be the best I can possibly be for others and change lives.

And not let anyone ever spark doubt in my mind or make me question myself and my thoughts and my feelings and my beliefs about myself and my abilities. Now there's no place for them. There's no room.

If you’re tired of letting others define how you feel about yourself, join my program. I teach you how to get to know and accept yourself so that you can develop a genuine love for yourself so that you can set yourself up for success. The application link for the Glow-getters Program is in my bio and on the services page!


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