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Affordable stylish clothing you need in your closet now

Affordable style trends in college

I don't know about you, but this warm weather is making me want to get some new clothes to put in my closet! With all of the latest trends happening, sometimes it's just hard to keep up! A majority of the trends that come out don't last for a long time and we end up finding them in the back of our closets not long after. Luckily there are some affordable ways to keep up with trends and still be able to use these pieces once they die out. Here are 7 affordable stylish clothing items that you can still keep in your closet after they go out of style!

1. A casual light-weight dress

Dresses are wonderful creations because you can wear them for all sorts of occasions. A casual dress is great to wear on a beautiful day when you feel like dressing up a little more. You can wear a casual dress with sandals, sneakers, flats, or heels. No matter which shoe you decide to wear with the dress the outfit will still look amazing. A good place to get a beautiful dress like this is one is ZAFUL.

Casual dresses in college

2. Basic tees

Some simple t-shirts are perfect to have in your wardrobe because you can mix and match them with all sorts of items in your closet. If you get a variety of colors you are guaranteed to never run out of outfit ideas! there's so much you can do with a basic tee. In this picture, I decided to take this simple blush colored t-shirt from Uniqlo and tie it in a knot off to the side. There are so many other things you can do to make your outfit more interesting when you're wearing a tee.

Cute tees for college girl

3. A Denim jacket or a bomber jacket

I absolutely love denim jackets, there are so many things you can do with one! Denim is such a great element in your wardrobe that you can even wear denim on denim which is my favorite thing to do. Bomber jackets are also perfect for Spring weather because you can basically throw it on over any outfit you have on to give it a whole new look. A great place to get a good quality denim jacket for a great price is Lulus, and a bomb place to get an olive bomber jacket like this is Fashion Nova.

Jacket essentials in college

How to wear a bomber jacket college girl

4. Biker shorts

I'm just about ready to hop on this biker shorts trend because they are so cute and I see them everywhere! In all honesty, when I first saw them I wondered what the heck people would wear with a pair of shorts like these and to my surprise, the possibilities are truly endless! I've seen them worn with a casual long sleeve t-shirt and vans, a denim jacket and boots, and I've even seen people wear them with sweaters and sneakers which is my absolute favorite! The biker shorts are definitely on my shopping list. Target is my go-to when I decide to buy these shorts.

How to rock biker shorts in college

5. Anything yellow

Yellow is such a happy color which is why I'm in love with it so much. It's a perfect color to wear in this lovely Spring weather and it can really boost your mood! I bought this amazing honey yellow crop top from Tilly's and I love it more and more every time I wear it! I bought it back in February for less than ten dollars and now it is a grand total of $3.48!

How to style the honey yellow trend

6. Nude sandals

Sandals are always perfect for warm weather no matter what color they are, but nude ones, in particular, are fantastic because they are basically guaranteed to match with any outfit you put on. Nude is also such a wonderful Springtime color so those sandals will get you in your warm weather feels! A good place to find a pair is Lulu's.

Style nude shoes

7. Jewelry with a pop of color

I love adding jewelry to anything I wear because to me it ties the whole outfit together. Wearing jewelry with bright pops of color in it gives the outfit a little something extra and definitely catches people's eye more. A great place to get pretty jewelry like this is Pura Vida.

Pops of color to add to your wardrobe

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