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5 ways to dress cute in the HOT SUMMMER!

how to dress cute in hot summer weather

Nothing gets better than the Summer weather! So much sunshine, and plenty of places to go! Being out and about during the Summertime makes for so many good memories that'll last a lifetime. Nothing can beat some fun in the sun but sometimes it can get so excruciatingly hot that it can spoil the entire day. It's easy to just throw on whatever clothes are the lightest and most comfortable so you can just get going for the day, even if it means throwing on a tank top and some shorts. But some may wonder, can you dress cute and still be comfortable in this hot HOT weather? Yes, I'm telling you that dressing cute in the burning hot Summer is a completely reachable goal, here's how:

1. Start by wearing flowy, lightweight clothing

Cotton, linen, and chambray are the best way to go. These fabrics have materials made with fibers that are great for this heat. They're very breathable fabrics that absorb moisture and keep you feeling nice and cool. Denim, on the other hand, is a big no-no. It absorbs the heat and isn't breathable at all so it will leave you feeling nothing but sweaty. As long as you stick with the lightweight fabrics when the temps get real high, you'll be set.

2. Wear a sundresses

There are so many different styles of sundresses you can wear it's not even funny. There's casual ones, dressy ones and extra comfy ones it's amazing. They're light and flowy and just perfect for a hot summer day. You can put one on and feel cute while still feeling cool and comfy You can match them with so much too. Sandals, wedges, sneakers, and slip-ons. And don't even get me started with bags and accessories or we'll be here all day! No matter what kind of day you're having, you can count on a nice sundress to make the day better on those hot yucky days, I promise you.

3. If you don't like dresses, wear a romper!

For me, rompers are where it's at! They're so simple to wear and you can put them on in seconds and you're good to go. They're a shirt and a short combined into one AND they're very cute too. You're bound to find one that matches your style girlfriend. Rompers are ideal in the Summer.

You don't have to worry about pulling it down or adjusting it constantly, it's just wearing a dress but it's even more comfortable. I'm seriously in love with rompers (I'm wearing one as I write this).

4. Wear a tube top if you're feeling bold

A tube top is the only thing left on my wishlist, they're all over social media and I fall in love with them more every day, LITERALLY! They come in so many different colors and patterns and styles and I just want them all. They're perfect for this kind of weather. You just slip them on and go, nothing complicated about it. I dare you to go buy one!

5. Skirt skirt

This is truly my go-to option. As I've mentioned before, I was never really one to wear too many skirts, but one day I was shopping with my boyfriend and he said: "Hey babe, you should try wearing a skirt." When he told me that, I immediately thought "I don't look good in skirts" but to my surprise when I put on that skirt I felt like a brand new me. I felt so confident and good about myself and then I went and bought two of them. It's amazing how one little piece of clothing can completely change the way you look at yourself. I'm so grateful for my man's kind suggestion, it's been a real gamechanger in my wardrobe. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself, because now I seriously SWEAR by skirts, thanks, babe! Skirts come in so many styles too, so you can find ones that are different lengths and styles and find one that makes YOU feel good, especially in this heat!

Bonus Tip: Avoid the color black

Black really does attract the heat, and while I'm not one to wear a lot of black, I can proudly say that I'm addicted to the color maroon and I would pick it over every other color in the rainbow no joke. Dark colors like those aren't the best idea to be wearing on days when the temps are extremely high. You'll just be walking around feeling like a big ball of heat and that's no fun. So stick to light colors only on the real hot days and you'll be golden!

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