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3 items you need to remove from your closet ASAP

Clothes to get rid of

As someone who absolutely loves clothes and everything that comes with fashion, I find it very hard to get rid of the things that I don't need anymore. Unfortunately for me it just makes things more complicated because in the end they're just a waste of space and are just taking up space in my closet. "But what clothes", you may ask, "should I get rid of?" Well, here's my answer for you:

1. Clothes that don't fit you

- Fit is really important when it comes to style, and if something doesn't look right then the outfit won't look as put together as it would be if the clothes fit the right way. The best option is to get it tailored or just donate it. It’s not a good idea to hold onto stuff just because you’re trying to get in better shape. You deserve to wear clothes that always fit, so you don’t have to beat yourself up if something is too tight. If something is too big or too long, consider taking it to the tailor. If you know that it’s an item you plan on keeping for a while it can be worth the investment. Otherwise, your best bet is to give it to a friend, donate it to goodwill or sell it online.

2. Any clothes that aren't "you"

-It’s a really good idea to think about who you are as a person, and how you want the world to see you. The way you dress and the clothes that you wear are ultimately an expression of who you are and your personality. Take some time and really think about whether or not your style is really on target and if it’s truly representing the best version of who you are. If you have clothes that don’t really scream “you” then it’s definitely time for them to go. We’re always growing and changing as human beings and it’s important that we can show the world who we really are.

3. Expensive clothes you're not wearing

-Sometimes you buy clothes just for the fun of it, and sometimes you go a while without shopping so you decide to treat yourself a little bit and buy something that costs way more than you’re usually willing to spend. You tell yourself you’ll “probably” wear this dress next time you go out with friends or have a date, but it ends up sitting in your closet for months. You know you should get rid of it but the thought of how much money you spent on it runs through your head and it stops you from doing it. The best solution for this would be selling it through consignment or even online! That way you would at least get some money for it. Once you get money for selling the items, you can put that money towards something that you know you’ll definitely wear for a while.

Now it’s time for you to head over to your closet and take a look around. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve lifted that weight off your chest by getting rid of some of those clothes you don’t need anymore. So head on into your closet and get busy!

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